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So says John Upton at the SF Examiner: The U.S. Department of Transportation on Thursday announced that $400 million will be provided from the federal stimulus program to allow construction of a high-speed rail station in San Francisco. The federal government announced $8 billion in high-speed rail allocations from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, […]

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Note: See updates at the bottom of the post. Tomorrow is going to be an excellent day for California High Speed Rail. Multiple sources have verified that California will receive $2.35 billion in federal passenger rail stimulus funds. $2.25 billion of that goes directly to high speed rail, the other $100 million goes to other […]

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MAJOR UPDATE: Well, I have the stimulus funds announcement for CA in my hands. Will be posting on it once the embargo is over. Is it good news or bad? You’ll find out later this evening. I’ll give you a hint: Pat Burt, Morris Brown, and Richard Tolmach aren’t going to like it. The rest […]

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If you’ve ever been to Fresno, you might have noticed that while the Union Pacific trains operate on tracks immediately adjacent to Highway 99, BNSF trains operate in the middle of town, cutting through intersections and neighborhoods. Fresno residents would look with envy on what Palo Alto has to deal with, particularly since many of […]

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