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For a nation so utterly dependent on financial capitalism that any hiccup in the banking industry sends the country into a near-depression, it’s rather surprising that so many people do not understand the value of public investment in infrastructure, and confuse it with “spending.” Actually, it isn’t so surprising. Our financial markets are built around […]

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While we who support the high speed rail project being planned by the California High Speed Rail Authority have been celebrating the stimulus announcement since we first learned of it on Wednesday, not all advocates for high speed rail projects that involve California are pleased. Left out of the stimulus awards was the Southern California […]

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In his remarks yesterday in Tampa, President Obama mentioned that one benefit of HSR: no need to take off your shoes in security. Makes sense, right? Not if you’re Politico’s Josh Gerstein, who wrote about the topic yesterday. He wondered why rail security is “so much more lax” than at airports, and used a post […]

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While we celebrate the announcement of HSR stimulus funds for California and debate its implications, HSR critics are still getting their ideas into the state’s media. Below are some reactions to today’s HSR stimulus announcement, but first have a look at yours truly explaining to Central Coast TV viewers tonight the meaning of the HSR […]

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