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by Rafael Happy Holidays everyone! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another holiday, I hope you get to enjoy it with your friends and family – preferably without any (further) weather-related travel shenanigans. For all the passion the authors of this blog and the commentariat have put into this blog’s 600+ posts on California […]

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That’s the claim from two economic analysts that was written up in today’s New York Times: The line is part of China’s 2 trillion renminbi, or $292.9 billion, investment in a nationwide high-speed passenger-rail network that may be too much train, too fast. The time savings that the new system delivers may not justify the […]

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Much as I expected, the 2009 Business Plan has become fodder for all the usual suspects to try and rehash their tired anti-HSR arguments. Although they failed completely in their efforts to use those arguments to block Prop 1A in 2008, they see an opportunity to reverse that outcome with any news that the HSR […]

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Getting some things squared away before my winter break begins. Posting the next two weeks will be a bit light, as I’ll be taking the Coast Starlight up to Washington State and back. I hope to include a trip on Seattle’s new light rail line, which opened in July (and a link to Sea-Tac Airport […]

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