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There are at least four families in Palo Alto who will be having a less joyous Thanksgiving this year – four families touched by the tragedy of suicide. This year, four teenagers have committed suicide by walking in front of Caltrain locomotives on the at-grade section of the tracks near Gunn High School. Now, a […]

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Some items as I get things squared away for the holiday weekend: New York State politicians push for HSR – NY applied for $4.7 billion in stimulus funds to build 110mph rail from Niagara Falls to NYC. More about the plan here. Florida’s HSR stimulus application is somewhat contingent on the state funding commuter rail […]

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This is a welcome letter: In an effort to deal with California’s spiraling unemployment rate, Gov. Schwarzenegger and the state’s two senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, sent a letter Monday to President Obama urging funding of the state’s high-speed rail project and improvements in its intercity rail service. They urged Obama to fund the […]

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Busy Sunday for me, so please use this as an open thread for anything HSR related. I do also want to give an update on the new site. I’d like to invite you all to come test the new California High Speed Rail Blog. Right now there’s a test post, and a copy of yesterday’s […]

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