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One of the most persistent HSR deniers and opponents of the California HSR project has been the Reason Foundation. Funded in part by oil and auto companies, they were behind the notorious Cox-Vranich report released last year in an effort to defeat Prop 1A. We thoroughly debunked that report and voters passed Prop 1A. But […]

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This is the new home of the California High Speed Rail Blog. After over a year and a half at Blogger, we’ve decided to move up in the world to a unique URL and a WordPress installation. Have a look around, try things out. Note the new comments system, which enables threaded comments using the […]

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One tried and true practice for designing projects with a great deal of public interest – and public controversy – is to hold a design competition. Many important public memorials have been designed this way, including the Berlin Holocaust Memorial and the World Trade Center Memorial in lower Manhattan. Such competitions serve several purposes. They […]

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Enjoy your holiday, everyone! I’m staying here in Monterey for the occasion, as I can’t imagine a better place to spend a long weekend. But many Californians have taken to the crowded roads this week, an 8% increase over last Thanksgiving (on the roads, at least). I’m sure a lot of them could have used […]

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