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Yesterday afternoon, Californians for High Speed Rail submitted the following comments to the California High Speed Rail Authority for the Merced to Fresno and Fresno to Bakersfield segments. As you can see, the comments follow the general principles Californians for High Speed Rail have laid out for the HSR project. The comments call for stations […]

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In response to a recent Wired Magazine article that declared “NIMBYs won’t be able to stop California HSR,” one of the more prominent Peninsula NIMBYs, Russell Peterson, decided to not go gently into that dark night. He wrote an email in reply to the article that was itself posted on the Wired site this week. […]

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At next week’s CHSRA board meeting the board will vote on a staff recommendation to award the $9 million PR contract to Ogilvy, a leading public relations communications firm. It’s not a surprising choice, as Ogilvy has extensive experience in California political communications. From the Capitol Weekly article on the topic: Ogilvy Managing Driector Christi […]

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The LA Weekly used to be one of the truly great newspapers in California. Founded during the late 1960s, it quickly earned a reputation as both an independent as well as an informative, investigative paper that by the 1970s and 1980s had become a must-read for anyone who wanted to know anything about Southern California […]

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