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As I wait here in Menlo Park for the HSR town hall to get underway, we have a ruling in the frivolous lawsuit Menlo Park, Atherton, and the PCL filed against the CHSRA. It’s a mixed bag for everyone – the judge ruled that most of the Federal EIR on the Pacheco alignment was sound […]

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In case you’d forgotten: High Speed Rail Town Hall MeetingWednesday August 26th at 7:00 PMMenlo Park City Council Chambers701 Laurel Street On Wednesday, August 26th, Rep. Anna G. Eshoo will host a Town Hall Meeting to discuss High Speed Rail. Experts from the High Speed Rail Authority and Caltrain will make presentations and answer questions. […]

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Applications for Phase I of federal HSR stimulus funds were due yesterday, and California’s request totaled $1.1 billion, focused on the Transbay Terminal train box: $400 million of the application sent Monday would go toward a “box” to be built 100 feet below the redeveloped Transbay Terminal that would contain a future station for high-speed […]

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Robert J. Samuelson is one of the more right-wing writers at the Washington Post. His previous columns have proposed privatizing Medicare, for example, just to give you a picture of who we are dealing with. And like Ed Glaeser and Ed Morris before him, he has decided to bring a right-wing frame to his attack […]

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