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Last year this blog led the fight against the staggering amounts of misinformation put out by opponents of mass transit in their effort to defeat Proposition 1A. Even though these opponents were frequently given room to spout their misleading claims in TV and print reports around the state, whereas pro-HSR forces rarely ever got that […]

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by Rafael Eric A. Morris has published a post on the Freakonomics blog of the New York Times entitled “High Speed Rail and CO2“. IMHO, his is a poorly researched and extremely biased article since it completely disregards research commissioned by CHSRA. Before I explain my gut reaction to Mr. Morris’ hit piece, please bear […]

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Congress is moving full steam ahead on HSR funding: Yesterday, the House approved a $123.1 billion transportation and housing bill for fiscal-year 2010. The measure would provide $4 billion for high-speed rail (HSR), $3 billion more than the Obama Administration had sought in the next fiscal year for HSR and intercity passenger rail. The bill […]

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This Saturday’s planned HSR town hall meeting in Menlo Park has been postponed indefinitely, according to Representative Anna Eshoo’s office: Congresswoman Anna G. Eshoo (D-Palo Alto) received notice today that she must postpone the scheduled meeting in Menlo Park on Saturday, July 25th due to critical votes in Washington, D.C. As a Member of the […]

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