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Living up to its reputation as the place where good ideas go to die, a US Senate transportation panel proposed only $1.2 billion for HSR in the coming year: The Senate’s transportation bill, shepherded by senior appropriator Patty Murray (D-WA), provides $1.2 billion for the Obama administration’s high-speed rail initiative — $200 million more than […]

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So the Peninsula is having a hard time making up its mind – do they dislike above-grade tracks more than they dislike the loud horns that are an inherent part of at-grade passenger rail? It’s not just you — Caltrain’s horns are indeed louder and the transit agency is working hard to tweak its “toots” […]

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The Economix Blog at the New York Times is launching a multi-part series on high speed rail, beginning with this post by Harvard economist Edward Glaeser. As a general rule I tend to dismiss any analysis of passenger rail that thinks a Simpsons episode has any role to play in the assessment (but then I […]

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by Rafael Earlier today, Southeastern Rail in the UK conducted the first trial run of its “Olympic Javelin” service based on its new Japanese-built electric class 395 trains. The service will shuttle passengers from St. Pancras station in downtown London to the sports arenas being constructed for the 2012 summer Olympics near Stratford station on […]

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