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Find it here: Draft SF to SJ Scoping Report (PDF). I haven’t had a chance to look at this closely yet, but it apparently includes 950 letters from Peninsula NIMBYs – I love the way SFist described it: The report includes over 950 letters from assorted cranky Peninsula NIMBYs, hippies, and Howard Jarvis looking Ayn […]

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The US Congress is getting a reputation as the place where good ideas go to die. Although currently held by the Democratic Party, the real power lies with center-right Democrats who are generally skittish about significant change, and certainly wary of either spending money, finding new revenues for programs, or both. We can see this […]

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by Robert Cruickshank Back in the USA after two wonderful weeks in Portugal. There was a fair bit of HSR news while I was over there – the ruling Socialist Party made the surprising announcement that the final decision to move ahead with the planned HSR line to connect Lisboa to Madrid was going to […]

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by Rafael ? In a recent post, Yonah Freemark and Jebediah Reed over at the Infrastructurist lament the loss of 11 once-famous landmark grand stations around the country to strictly utilitarian underground platforms, arenas, office towers, strip malls, highways and parking lots. Case in point: Penn Station in NYC. Fortunately, California has managed to preserve […]

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