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One of the most unfortunate parts of the debate on the Caltrain/HSR project on the Peninsula is the lack of accurate information. NIMBYs and other project opponents have already convinced many people that an above-grade solution would be a sort of “Berlin Wall” through the city, and Jim McFall’s video reinforces that errant conclusion. The […]

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Thanks to Matt Melzer for attending and compiling these notes (with help from Ryan Stern) from yesterday’s FRA meeting in Sacramento on high speed rail. Lots to chew over here! -Robert Besides presentations from the feds, there was one from Amtrak’s VP Policy and Development, Stephen Gardner, who emphasized that Amtrak wants to be THE […]

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by Rafael Robert Cruickshank and I have decided to fiddle with the blog layout in an effort to improve its user-friendliness. The text field for posts and comments is now wider, but anyone with a monitor resolution at least 1024 pixels wide should still be able to view the entire page without having to scroll […]

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Tomorrow, Thursday May 28th, will see two meetings on the high speed rail project. I can’t attend either of them, but hopefully you can! First up is an FRA meeting in Rancho Cordova (Sacramento suburb) from 1PM to 4:30PM: FRA’s High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail WorkshopsStart May 20, To Tour Nation Dear Stakeholders: As we begin […]

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