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by Robert Cruickshank In a meeting with bloggers yesterday at the California Democratic Convention here in Sacramento, Gavin Newsom answered questions on a wide range of topics, including one from Becks who writes at Living in the O on restoring transit funding. (I’m the one sitting next to Gavin) Newsom’s answer was that California is […]

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The LA Times reports that the California Air Resources Board has just released a complex new environmental regulation called the “Low Carbon Fuel Standard” (LCFS). This is relevant for High Speed Rail in that it will inevitably raise both vehicle and fuel prices for cars and trucks in the medium and long term. That in […]

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As reported by the Mercury News: In the first signal that individual Peninsula cities will have a direct voice in high-speed rail planning, a state official Thursday unveiled plans to launch working groups in which local representatives will help shape the massive project. San Mateo, Santa Clara and San Francisco counties would each get a […]

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Next week in Los Angeles there will be two public events to showcase and build support for passenger rail in California, high speed rail included. Both are worth attending, especially if you live in Southern California and have the time. First up is the May 1st 21st Century Transportation for Los Angeles Conference being hosted […]

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