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Never let it be said that I don’t give HSR deniers credit where it is due. Morris Brown has obtained a copy of a letter from Union Pacific to the California High Speed Rail Authority laying out their stance on HSR implementation between San Francisco and Gilroy. Their overall attitude is one of “we own […]

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Wow, for some reason this week seems to be HSR Denier Week in the media. First we had Daniel Goldberg’s moronic argument as to why California’s passenger rail system is perfect just the way it is. That was a blog post on a relatively small newspaper’s site, and came and went pretty quickly. Late this […]

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Note: The Blogger service will be down for scheduled maintenance on Thursday 3/26 between 4:00pm and around 4:10pm. We apologize for any inconvenience. On Tuesday, an article in the Hollister Freelance discussed the HSR project from the perspective of Gilroy and the cities that will be in the catchment area of the planned stop there. […]

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On Monday the Ventura County Star ran a good article on high speed rail. That prompted on Daniel Goldberg, who writes a blog for the VC Star’s website, to write one of the silliest pieces of HSR denial I’ve ever seen. Even though it’s absurd on its face, it’s worth deconstructing these arguments which are […]

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