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Note from Robert: The below post is by Andrew Bogan, who was in attendance at last night’s meeting and offered this very perceptive look at the council and its approach to the HSR project. I’m especially thankful to Andrew for posting this since all I have to go on from here in Monterey are news […]

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UPDATE: The council did in fact vote to file an amicus brief in the Menlo Park-Atherton suit against the CHSRA. The vote was 5-3. Kishimoto, Barton, and Drekmeier were the no votes; Espinosa was absent. The original post starts now: Last night’s Palo Alto City Council meeting showed just how absurd the city’s approach to […]

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Trains are wonderful, but they usually don’t stop at the origin nor at the destination of passengers’ journeys. This is especially true of medium-to-long-distance itineraries. Instead, a train trip generally consists of at least three parts: getting to the station, riding the train and connecting transportation from the station at the other end. In addition, […]

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Remember that whole Las-Vegas-to-Disneyland maglev concept that Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev) is still pushing because it’s supposedly “more Vegas”? While he’s been making waves in Congress, private investors have quietly pursued an alternative based modern non-compliant multiple unit trains trains running on dedicated tracks. Diesel-electric option would run at a top speed of 125mph, whereas […]

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