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If you went solely by this Mercury News article you might think Palo Alto is full of HSR deniers who are willing to put their ignorance of trains and their narrow conception of property values above the state’s dire need to build mass transit alternatives in order to solve the economic, energy, and climate crises: […]

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President Barack Obama has released the basic outline of his FY 2010 budget plan (which would actually go into effect on October 1, 2009) and it includes $5 billion for HSR over 5 years – or, $1 billion a year. Obviously that’s not going to be enough to build any HSR projects around the country, […]

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Wow, 70 comments and counting on the last post – hardly any of which were about Sir Richard Branson and private operators! (I’m sure Branson’s ego won’t mind.) I think I know what’s on some folks’ minds regarding HSR, and it’s the debate over how to build HSR on the Peninsula. We haven’t had contentious […]

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The Times is reporting Richard Branson wants a piece of California HSR: Virgin Trains, which operates the West Coast Main Line in Britain, is bidding for a slice of President Obama’s multibillion-dollar upgrade of the American rail network, The Times has learnt. Virgin is understood to be the only British company involved in the President’s […]

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