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Things move quickly on Capitol Hill, and we have a window for bringing real funding to intercity rail, which can include HSR. I’m crossposting this notice wholesale from Open Left: 1. several House members are submitting amendments to increase rail funding to the stimulus package: The amendment would distribute $1.5 billion for the Transit Capital […]

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San Francisco mayor and candidate for California governor Gavin Newsom is in France this week and toured the TGV, hoping to boost his profile on sustainable transportation. He also took the occasion to reiterate support for an HSR tunnel to the Transbay Terminal: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom took a tour of the French high […]

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Friday’s New York Times examined China’s economic stimulus plans which are heavy on high speed rail: China is already two months into its effort. And while Democrats have put aside calls for big transportation projects, with the House bill allocating less than 5 percent of spending for the construction of highways, rail lines and mass […]

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Last night the first of the Peninsula HSR scoping meetings was held at SamTrans headquarters in San Carlos. The Palo Alto Weekly has a mostly decent story – once you get beyond the completely inaccurate lede: The state agency charged with building a high-speed rail system between San Francisco and Los Angeles has yet to […]

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