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While the Peninsula debates how to best implement the detailed plans for the high speed rail line that will serve their communities, San Diego is dealing with a somewhat different question altogether – a big picture “how do we bring people to and from our town?” issue that is now centered on Lindbergh Field. And […]

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Over at The Transport Politic Yonah Freemark has a very comprehensive proposal for an interstate rail network that goes beyond merely figuring out which corridors should have HSR, and weighting these corridors using a specific methodology that prioritizes their funding and construction. Freemark’s goal is to bring some order and sense to the growing nationwide […]

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Should California cater to a small number of Peninsula NIMBYs and truncate the HSR line from LA to SF at San José? That’s a question that has popped up during some of the Peninsula scoping sessions, as some residents think “well let’s just drop everyone off at Diridon Station and put them on the Caltrain […]

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Good news from the floor of the US House of Representatives: the Nadler amendment described yesterday was approved by the full House and is now part of the stimulus. The Nadler amendment would: According to Nadler’s floor speech, 1.5 billion will go to the transit capital formula program, which goes to all states, and 1.5 […]

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