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I’m in Arizona celebrating Christmas, probably freezing my ass off in the mountains and snow, but likely having a good time anyway. I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season, whatever it is that you celebrate (my wife and I are more into the solstice, but we’re not going to turn down […]

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I’m headed to Arizona for the holidays and will be back on December 29. So in the meantime we’ll have a few open threads every other day to tide us over. I wish I had more time to write about this, but Yonah has an excellent post on HSR privatization over at The Transport Politic. […]

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So claims the Las Vegas Sun: For over 20 years, boosters have dreamed of and lobbied for a train that could travel from Southern California to Las Vegas at 300 mph. The proposed magnetic levitation train line linking Las Vegas and Anaheim, Calif. — attacked by critics as a multi-billion dollar pipe dream — has […]

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As we repeatedly explained at this blog during the campaign, the New Hoovers have it in for high speed rail. HSR is a necessary part of California’s economic recovery, but Republican politicans – from Arnold Schwarzenegger to GOP legislators – are bent on using this economic crisis to achieve the dismantling of government that they […]

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