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And so we come to the end of 2008, one of the more eventful and tumultuous years I can recall (although my memory doesn’t really go further back than 1985, so perhaps my perspective isn’t that long). In the midst of economic crisis and political upheaval, Californians ought to look back on 2008 as the […]

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The Merced Sun-Star editorialized today for a greener, more sustainable economic stimulus, offering some excellent reasons for using this economic crisis as an opportunity to finally move beyond the now-failed policies of automobile dependence: Environmentalists must understand that roads, bridges and highways are going to be an important part of our transportation infrastructure for a […]

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Analysis by CHSRA has shown that in order to compete effectively against short-haul flights between the Bay Area and Southern California, the express line haul time between San Francisco and Los Angeles will have to be well below three hours. Given that any acceptable route would also have to serve Central Valley towns with non-express […]

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I’ll be back on Monday to continue the high speed rail conversation. For now use this as an open thread to discuss whatever’s on your mind that’s HSR related – even if only tangentially. Some articles that have appeared over the last few days regarding California HSR: CHSRA officials optimistic about federal funding (SF Chronicle) […]

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