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Steve Hymon, who runs the Bottleneck Blog for the LA Times, expressed some skepticism about whether the SF-LA line will be open by 2018, as a Daily Cal article reported. Hymon writes: Not to be a grumpy bear on this — I know there’s a lot of people that want to see the trains up […]

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So argues Ryan Avent: High-speed rail would, in other words, turn Rust Belt distances into northeast corridor distances, while also shifting the Rust Belt closer to the northeast corridor. It would increase the return to doing business in every city in the region. It would be the Erie Canal and the original railroads on steroids. […]

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Former LA Times reporter and author Bill Boyarsky writes in today’s Times about the value of public works as economic stimulus – and the barriers to their swift completion. After mentioning the passage of Prop 1A and LA’s Measure R, Boyarsky goes on to write: The Depression projects were built in a hurry, driven by […]

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In the dustup over the ridiculous Ben Adler article and the even more inane TAPPED post about Adler’s article, a couple of very good points have been made about how we talk about transportation and the need to avoid reinforcing false dichotomies that undermine our goals. One of the primary things this blog was founded […]

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