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At a press conference in San Francisco today Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom all spoke out in favor of Proposition 1A. Their presence ought to dissuade some of the Prop 1A critics who claim that federal funding is uncertain – in 2009 these two members of Congress will […]

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San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association – SPUR – is one of the leading and most respected urban planning organizations in the state. And now they have offered an excellent overview of the case for Prop 1A and some excellent rebuttals of the HSR deniers: The high-speed train system is well planned and long […]

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Normally I might not give this its own post, but the editorial from the Christian Science Monitor on Prop 1A has some really good points that deserve a wider airing: Yearly ridership is predicted at 88 million to 117 million passengers by 2030. How can that be if last year only 26 million people rode […]

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Authored by yours truly. If you have an account there, recommend it so more readers there can hear the case for Prop 1A!

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