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Busy here in SoCal for the weekend, and heading back up to Monterey tomorrow on the Coast Starlight. So this post will have to suffice for Sunday and Monday. I’m sure you all can manage. Bart Reed of the Transit Coalition was on LA CityView earlier this week defending the pro side on Prop 1A […]

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(This was supposed to auto-post at 3PM yesterday. Bloggered again…) ABC News has a high speed rail story up on its site this morning, about the proliferation of HSR plans around the country. They quote some skeptics, including William Garrison, a retired civil engineering professor at UC Berkeley: William Garrison says there is little national […]

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It’s a frequent canard raised by the HSR deniers – that nobody would choose even a bullet train over a plane to get between the two halves of our state. Soaring passenger rail ridership belies this argument, as travelers see the benefits – in terms of comfort and economy – of rail travel. The Washington […]

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Now that Prop 1A is going to be on the ballot we’re starting to see groups take sides on the issue. Outside the far-right anti-government groups like the Howard Jarvis Association most California political organizations will endorse it, and I’m not going to post about it every time that they do. But the first one […]

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