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For my last post until the first week in August (the wedding is coming up on Saturday and I’ll have the laptop taken away and thrown in the Sound if I keep writing!) it seemed fitting to briefly discuss the Legislative Analyst’s Office overview of bond proposals that was published last week and is making […]

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The Field Poll, widely considered the most accurate poll here in California by political scientists and analysts, confirms a large lead for Prop 1: 56% Yes30% No14% Undecided The link above has the full poll details that you can read for yourself. It is very close to the in-house poll discussed here recently, where 58% […]

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I really should be packing for my trip to Seattle, but this could not pass without comment. Tim Hunt has an op-ed in today’s Oakland Tribune calling high speed rail “ill advised”. Far as I can tell the only thing ill advised is his op-ed: And, when it comes to transportation, the bullet train is […]

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Netroots Nation is winding down here in Austin and I’m headed back to the West Coast later this evening. Outside the convention center the road is closed for construction of the Cap MetroRail Downtown station. Texas High Speed Rail is revived and planning their “t-bone” system, including an Austin stop. Inside the center, however, is […]

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