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The California Air Resources Board has released its draft scoping plan for implementation of the AB 32 greenhouse gas reduction law. This is the law that was passed in 2006 that requires California to reduce carbon emissions by 25%, to 1990 levels. It is rightly seen as a landmark national, even global law. And as […]

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One constant feature of HSR activism are the folks who don’t think it’s a good enough idea. These people turn up their noses at HSR as being too mainstream, too boring. No, what we really need is some gee-whiz technological solution that has never really been tried successfully on a large scale anywhere, but looks […]

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We all know that many of the HSR deniers are property owners who live in Menlo Park and Atherton, two of the wealthiest communities in our state. They worry that HSR is going to lower their home values – although exactly how is not clear. As Matthew James Melzer pointed out to me today, HSR […]

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I’ve been running this site for just over three months now – the first post was on March 6 – and one thing has become extremely clear to me. There is an enormous gap in this state between those who support the HSR project and those who do not. It’s not really about HSR. It’s […]

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