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Earlier in June we brought you the story of Britain’s rail minister’s nonsensical rejection of HSR. Tom Harris rejected plans to build an HSR link from London to Scotland arguing against the evidence that HSR isn’t a green form of transportation. Far from closing the door on HSR in Britain, it has instead energized activism. […]

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Dennis Lytton attended the CHSRA board meeting in Los Angeles on June 11, and wrote up this report of the meeting. The next meeting is July 8 in San Francisco. Thanks to Dennis for writing this! – Robert HSR Board Meeting in LA:The Spain/California Connection and the Coming Campaign Early this month the High Speed […]

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Persistently high fuel prices are worsening the crisis facing US airlines. The New York Times reports carriers are going to slash 10% of their flights this fall: With more reductions coming next year, all the domestic industry’s growth over the last decade will most likely be lost. “The U.S. industry is undertaking a historic restructuring,” […]

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Get used to hearing that: Secretary of State Debra Bowen has assigned numbers to the 11 ballot measures that will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot, starting over with No. 1, which was assigned to the oft-delayed $9.95 billion bond issue to partially finance a high-speed rail system in the state. Prop 1 it is. […]

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