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It’s not strictly HSR, but it’s a Saturday night, so indulge me. Organizers have chartered an Amtrak express train from LA to Indio for the Coachella festival, offering free rides for concertgoers to and from Union Station. The LA Times described it as “a decidedly 21st century remix of the classic concert road trip and, […]

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I love flying. How could I not? It’s in my blood. I have logged a few hours behind the yoke, up in my grandfather’s 1949 Beechcraft Bonanza, and spent many more hours as a passenger in that plane watching the land shrink from thousands of feet in the air. Working in the airlines is almost […]

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John Addison publishes the Clean Fleet Report, a newsletter devoted to renewable automobiles. For Earth Day 2008 he wrote an excellent overview of the California high speed rail project that not only reinforces many of the major points in favor of high speed rail, but does so in a particularly clear and convincing manner. The […]

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MNG Newspapers’ transportation blogger Erik N. Nelson – aka the Capricious Commuter – has a pretty good post today, titled I’d Rather Be Riding the Bullet Train. Nelson’s support for California high speed rail has been uneven at best, even claiming recently that “HSR isn’t viable,” so it’s welcome to see a member of the […]

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