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I’ve occasionally mentioned that the origin of my support for high speed rail was a trip on Spain’s AVE line from Madrid to Sevilla in 2001, in the context of a broader argument that a surefire way to generate support for rail travel is to put people on a train and show them how useful […]

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When I wrote about the future of air travel last weekend and predicted that it would soon fail to meet California’s intercity travel needs, I was making an analytical prediction based on a range of long-term factors. Little did I know that intercity air travel is right now facing major strains here in the state. […]

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As requested by tony d. in the comments to the last post, here is a 3D animation of what Diridon Station and downtown San José might look like when the high speed rail system is completed. Some disclaimers are necessary – this is merely one possible configuration, the new downtown construction is conjecture (none of […]

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Wednesday night the California Student Sustainability Coalition and our own Ryan Loney will be hosting a forum on the high speed rail project at UC Davis. Full information can be found the Facebook event page but for those of you not into the whole social networking thing, here are the details: 7-9pm1001 Giedt Hall UC […]

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