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One of the common criticisms of high speed rail is that “nobody will ride it, Americans are too wedded to their cars and to their planes.” But Amtrak’s Acela train, a sort-of high speed train that serves the Northeast Corridor from DC to Boston, has recently increased its share of the travel market on the […]

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The San Francisco Citizen brings us a photo and some details about CALPIRG’s High Speed Rail Spring Break Tour: Included in the picture are, from left to right, SF Supervisor Aaron Peskin, former SF Supervisor and now Chairman of the CHSRA board Quentin Kopp, and State Senator Carole Migden. There were at least 100 supporters […]

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Those are the polling numbers CHSRA Board Chair Quentin Kopp cited in a Sacramento Bee article over the weekend: Kopp said the bond measure enjoys public support for the landmark project. As the bond reads now, 58 percent of Californians favor the bond and 32 percent oppose it, he said. Now, we don’t know any […]

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Pantograph Trolleypole in the comments on the last post pointed me to The Capricious Commuter’s thoughts on high speed rail. This person blogs for the Contra Costa Times, and is very down on our high speed rail plan. His post follows a very typical pattern of the dying print media: pooh-pooh some activists (in this […]

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