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Dan Walters is one of the leading opinion writers in California today. His conservative commentary has filled the pages of the Sacramento Bee for over three decades, and he’s regularly syndicated in other local papers across the state. So when he devotes a column to high speed rail it’s worth our attention. Especially when he […]

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Yours truly with Fiona Ma, who was sporting a CALPIRG High Speed Rail Spring Break t-shirt So I spent the weekend up in San José at the California Democratic Party Convention. It was my first convention and a great experience overall. And in between some of the official meetings, I got a chance to talk […]

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I won’t be posting until Monday, as I’m spending the weekend at the California Democratic Party Convention in San José. Last year’s CDP convention passed a strong resolution in favor of the high speed rail project, and hopefully I can help convince some Dems to pitch in their support for the vote this fall. That […]

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The California High Speed Rail plan is not the only high speed rail project being considered in our Golden State. Two proposals are in the works to link LA to Las Vegas via high speed trains. From a recent Riverside Press-Enterprise article: A group of private investors is proposing to finance and build a $3.5 […]

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